E Flow Technologies introduces SMARTPACK

SMARTPACK™ is a new axial fan concept designed to comply with the complex requirements of the industrial and commercial ventilation, refrigeration and heat exchange applications. 

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SMARTPACK™ reaches the ambitious efficiency levels of the expected ErP 2020 requirement.



SMARTPACK™ is designed and produced by extensive use of expert resources and the best engineering tools available, and it sets a new standard for functionality, flexibility and efficiency.

It is available with both AC and EC motor technology.

  • AC to meet tough industrial requirements and worldwide availability. This also enables coupling to your preferred motor brand.
  • EC to achieve and maintain highest possible efficiency grades within a wide operating range.
The foundation of the SMARTPACK™ is the neutral and clean aerodynamic conditions of the core. This in turn enable customization to all duty points and noise targets by applying the wide range of Multi-Wing axial impellers.

 Performance chart

The SMARTPACK™ generates an even air distribution resulting in high efficiency operation and needed throw lengths.

SMARTPACK™ can be upgraded from the base configuration. A wide range of ancillery components such as guidevanes and diffusers are available to boost the performance further and to tweak to special requirements.


SMARTPACK™ is available in 1250mm and soon more sizes will follow: 900mm, 800mm, 710mm, 630mm and 560mm. 

It is usable in the temperature range from -40° to +80°C

Selection software

E Flow offers an advanced selection software to optimize, qualify and document the SMARTPACK™ according to customer needs.

Efficiency regulations

We follow the development of the different efficiency regulations closely. Read on to get information on latest updates.

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